Epic Made: What Adventure Means to Us

Epic made is all about creation, storytelling, and adventure. That last one is pretty important. At their core, each member of the team is an adventure seeker in their own way.  But what does adventure mean to each craftsman on the Epic Made Team? What does “adventure” mean to us?


Anika Illustration

“Hi, I’m ‘Anika Marie’ Rogers, Growth Director of Epic Made. Formally trained in the field of Sociology, I am the team observer, digester, and fixer…working behind the scenes to make sure our clients, team, and community can kick back and enjoy the benefits of the magic that we make happen.”

“In my world, adventure means pushing past comfort and complacency to create an exciting and interesting life that I want to live….so I can continue to evolve into someone better than the ‘lazy or safe’ person I never want to be.”


For Anika, adventure is all about shaking things up. Complacency is not an option. Our next team member is also all about innovating and breaking way from the complacent and the mundane.


Ross Illustration

“My name is Ross Ciuppa and I am the Art Director for Epic Made. I have a bachelor’s degree in digital art and animation and I have been producing work in this field all my life. I have a passion for the magical and the weird, which is where I draw most of my inspiration, but truly I feel at home whenever I’m at my computer creating stunning digital artwork.”

“Adventure, for me, is the pursuit of something I’ve never seen or done before. That’s why I got into illustration, animation, creativity in general; to make things I’ve never seen before.”


That passion for creating something new is in no short supply here. To drive that home, we’ll close with another artist and craftsman, the founder of Epic Made.


Carl Illustration

“Hi my name is Carl and I am a Createaholic.  Ever since my first project in grade school, I have been making things, creative things.  I love to design, drawn, paint, illustrate, smith, hunt, farm, build and craft the world around me.  I have a special place in my heart for nature and sustainability.”

 “Adventure is a disruption of the mundane. It’s an opportunity to create a memory that will help define your experience on this earth”




Adventure means pushing past comfort and complacency. It is the pursuit of something never seen or done before.  It is a disruption of the mundane.