Epic Made: Continuing To Define Adventure

Earlier, we got some insight on how a few members of the Epic Made team viewed “adventure”. Each of Epic Made’s smiths, storytellers, and craftsmen shares that passion for adventure, so let’s ask a few more members of the team: “What does adventure mean to you?” We’ll start off with one of our storytellers, Deonna.


“Hi, I’m Deonna, the brand strategist & storyteller for Epic Made. With a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts,  I’m an interior architect gone graphic and have been happily building brands and telling stories of the bravest business owners for 8+ years. Diving into their minds and discovering their uniqueness; the thing that makes them special; the thing that helps the world get behind them, quite literally, gives me life!”

“Adventure is exploring the world with new eyes every day, anxious to find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.”


Our next team member, Kelsey, also seeks out the extraordinary as much as she can.


“Hi, my name is Kelsey Muller, and I am the Social Media Marketer for Epic Made. Although classes about marketing and communications were my favorite in college, I have found I am teaching myself and learning more every day. I am the voice of Epic Made online, helping connect and share with the media world who Epic Made is and all that we love and believe in.”

Adventure to me is being off the cuff…. spontaneous…maybe even doing something that scares me. Getting an idea in my head and just going for it.”


Our next storyteller, Josh, focuses on the unique and unexplored.


“I’m Josh, one of the storytellers here at Epic Made. I’m here to take the incredible stories of people and businesses and weave them into epic tales. For me, analyzing and producing fiction is basically a lifestyle. I can never fully turn off the part of my mind that wants to understand, explore, and imagine.”

“Whether it’s putting a new idea out there or letting a new idea change how you view the world, adventure is all about the unexpected, the unique, and the bizarre.”



Finally,  Tyler wraps us up by defining what adventure means to him,  reiterating the most important concepts to all of us here at Epic Made.


“My job at EPIC MADE is to keep our clients smiling and the creativity flowing.  The big picture of what I do is maintaining a lasting relationship between and our EPIC clients and EPIC staff.”

“Creativity, originality and adventure are what it’s all about here at Epic Made. Every team member, artists and storyteller loves it and lives it.”