Epic Made: Why We Exist

Who We Are:

An artist can simply create a product or they can deliberately handcraft a work that utterly stuns a client. Epic Made exists to focus on the latter. We’re here to make epic shit.

Epic made is a group of adventure storytellers. Our goal is to handcraft the kind of art that has inspired us and can then inspire others. We are craftsmen with a drive to tell stories and create something new, bold, and fantastic.


Why We Exist:

We were founded because we wanted to work with brands that motivate us to be creative. Not with dollar signs, but by reflecting the sort of passion that we see in ourselves. Fantasy brands and outdoor brands, with their focus on freedom and imagination, are key examples of the kinds projects Epic Made was born to handle. That same sense of freedom and imagination permeates our entire identity; from our culture, to our personality, to our logo. It motivates both our craftsmen and our founder.

Logo Process - Static Image

“That same sense of freedom and imagination permeates our entire identity”

Simply put, it’s all in the name. Epic Made was created to make epic art. Instead of tossing out something mundane and serviceable, we’re here to hand craft something surreal and incredible.