An Epic Union: Celebrating Fantasy, Creativity, and Love.

With Valentine’s Day so close at hand, it’s the perfect time to showcase a piece befitting the holiday. In light of their recent engagement, Becki and Kyle summoned us and issued a command. We were to craft a piece that could represent their shared appreciation of fantasy art and their deepened bond. So our Art Director, Ross Ciuppa, invoked the Muses and set out to work with them and craft a royal portrait.

Traditionally when artists created works commemorating the union of a king and queen the royals faced forward, the female monarch on the right and the male on the left. Even the light beaming down on Queen Becki is in pursuit of that royal medieval style, recreated here through digital painting.

But this piece is more than just a love letter to the classic style. We worked with the couple to pack it with personal touches, representing both their shared interests. The lute hanging above King Kyle is a period appropriate rendition of a real life lucky guitar, while the horn above Queen Becki represents her talents as brass player. The loyal beasts surrounding the throne are based on real life pets, and the sigil adorning the flowing banner behind in the background is the groom’s family crest. That banner now flies for both of them.

Kyle’s kingly crown is an homage to the crown worn by Rob Stark in Game of Thrones, while the Becki’s matriarchal crown references princess Buttercup, from the Princess Bride. Both of these regal outfits are inspired by characters from the Game of Thrones series as well (fans can probably spot the call-outs). The thrones the two royals are perched on depict a snake eating itself. This serpentine symbol is called Ouroboros and it’s prominent in The Wheel of Time novel series. In fact, the black hat hanging on Kyle’s chair is also worn by his favorite character from that series.

Speaking of fantasy novel series, the turtle in the center sculpture is a reference to another series the two love, Discworld. In the fantasy universe of Discworld this massive turtle supports elephants, which in turn hold up the entire setting of the novel. Conceptually it’s appropriate that the turtle and elephants are propping up a crane and ship in a bottle, as the featured couple’s quest together began with a fateful encounter at a shipyard.

This image is packed to the brim with custom imagery highlighting the couples love of fantasy fiction, fantasy art, and one another. What can we say, they’ve got great taste. Here at Epic Made we love crafting something unique and inventive and the creative challenge that Becki and Kyle brought to us was just that.