Epic Made is all about adventure, creativity, and originality. It’s only natural that a company focused on the creation of epic things was created by an epic quest…and we can’t wait to tell the tale. So as we gear up to depict this full legend in a BIG way, here’s a sneak peek at “How CA&D Got Epic Made”.


Chapter 1: Teaser

         Art is lucky enough to do what he loves…mostly. As a professional artist, Art’s creativity is allowed to flourish. His current assignment has him working on drawing an image with a ton of emotion…using a template. A ton of predetermined, by the numbers emotion. As he doodles on the page, surrounded by coworkers who each have their heads down, scribbling away at their own assignments, his mind wanders off and his eyes glaze over. This is what Art wanted but something just doesn’t feel right. Our hero is being creative, but is he being unique? Is he being original?

          As Art looks down on the page he realizes that instead of the happy face he was supposed to be drawing, he’s sketched an image of a fierce dragon instead. All scales and teeth and ferocious fire. As he goes to crumple the ruined draft and start again Art catches a glimpse of something bizarre outside his window. In the distance, perfectly out of place, a giant black tower looms on the horizon. And perched at the peak of that onyx tower, slithers the silhouette of a massive dragon.

          Naturally, Art looks to his peers. “Someone’s gotta see this thing right? Right!?”, he thinks.

          But there is no response to Art’s frantic glances or the whimsical tower’s presence, only hung heads and paper shuffling. Art looks back at his assignment and remembers the dragon he couldn’t help but draw. He can get back to following templates or he can do something unique.

          What becomes of Art and his burning creativity? Or the dragon slithering in the tower? We’re gearing up to reveal the full legend, complete with a voiced animation. So if you’re interested in our future and past here at Epic Made, check back in!